How to handle trust issues & potential disrespect from my brother?

February 2, 2018

My brother is 10 years older, was a "natural", and has pretty much always been higher status and more dominant than me.

We have always been rivals to some extent. He has a proven track record of trying to AMOG me, cut me down, and talk shit either to my face or behind my back.

Recently I made it clear this behavior wouldn't be tolerated anymore. We had been living together for a year in a group "party house", but I cut that off due to his unreliable behavior.

He seemed to be trying to turn over a new leaf after this, perhaps realizing that he could actually lose his brother over toxic bullshit.

So last weekend we are at a festival. This is an annual tradition for us down in Miami, were gone for the last 3 years together as brothers no matter what else was going on in life, whether we had girlfriends or whatever, etc.

We end up in my tent doing whippets. It's me, my brother, his GF and my #1 plate / GF in training.

Now I don't care if you approve of whippets or drugs. But if you've never tried them, a solid whippet hit will basically incapacitate you for 30-60s at a time. You sit down because your equilibrium is affected. You can hear and see things, but voices and words get all garbly.

So basically I think my brother used this time to start talking shit about me to the girls. OR even throw some inneundo or sexual remarks to the girl I had brought.

I am quite confident that whatever was said was deliberately kept from me, and I must therefore assume it is more of his usual toxic shit.

At one point I clued into this and "faked" a hit when it was my turn. My brothers GF took notice of this and made a comment like "oh he's figured it out now".

The fuck do I do about this? I still have no idea what was actually said.

My brother and his girl will lie and cover for each other. Two snakes in a tree.

My plate was there, but if disrespectful shit was said she did not warn me or inform me after they were gone.

I've got her pretty hooked so maybe if I put a little fear in her she would come clean. But so what?

I think the fundamental issue here is that I cannot trust my own flesh and blood, and even if this particular incident was nothing and I'm just imagining things, I need to take action to distance myself from him even more than I already have.

We live in separate states now so it's not like he can shit talk my scene, friends, or reach any of my plates unless I choose to visit him.

But this fucking bugs me, and I'm not sure how to proceed. Do I confront him? Do I confront my plate and/or his girl?

Any thoughts are appreciated fellas

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Title How to handle trust issues & potential disrespect from my brother?
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