how to interact with old oneitis without coming off as butthurt

July 2, 2020

I basically bumped into my an old oneitis at the gym (i last talked to her 3yrs ago) and although my smv has improved since the last interaction she probably still sees me as beta since thats essentialy what i was. She walked up to me and said hi and ended in her asking for my number. Im not going to say i wouldn't smash because i would, however i rather not have a repeat of last time. Is there a way to just "brush her off" without coming up as butthurt? I honestly thought about letting her know i didn't want any friends atm when she asked for my number but i thought it sounded weak af so i kind of just reluctantly gave her my number. If it comes to it i might just say "tits or gtfo" lol

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Title how to interact with old oneitis without coming off as butthurt
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Date July 2, 2020 1:51 AM UTC (1 year ago)
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