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How to justify lost time

October 30, 2016

Long story short I've basically been stuck working in the family business for 5 years, losing my mid 20s. Been stuck due to important family issues (health and money).

Achieved very little in this time as I get no time to myself and I've been very depressed a lot of the time. Where I live is a very shitty racist and deprived part of the country.

Soon I will be getting the opportunity to leave and move on with my life. Finally have independence and a routine, absolutely can't wait. I will move, find a job, study towards getting a better career, socialise, work out, maybe even meet some girls if I can start to work through my issues, which should be easier once I've moved.

But I get down on myself a lot about my lost years. My wider social group all have been in LTR's for a long time, now getting married and having kids. I feel left out and have little life experience to show for my age. My social skills aren't quite what they should be and I have literally zero experience with women.

I'm simply very happy I can go start my life but is there any way to look at my lost years with any sort of positive perspective?

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