How to make amends with past mistake if you dont know how to prevent it?

June 4, 2020

So i was a team manager for a swim club during college. One of my assistants, who was also a close friend, went on to apply for other jobs at the tail end of the season. One of the jobs reached out to the board members.

The hiring manager wanted to verify basically that this assistant did my job. Of course the board members agreed. but wanted to let me know. Pf course my simp ass didnt think anything of it. I thought to myself the truth is the truth.

The board members and I had a bit of a fallout the following season. A year later im thinking of applying for new jobs, but changing a few things on my resume pertaining to this job. The biggest change is going from "head swim coach" to "team manager."

My fear is that when a job reaches out to them, they throw me under the bus and say i didnt do this or that. One of them reached out wishing i was well and asking where to deliver a tax form, so maybe theres no bad blood on their end.

Im curious what you guys think is the best way to go about this. And also, advice on how to be more selfish and fearless of consequences. If i could do this over again, id sternly tell them why this was wrong, set the assistant straight and maybe reach out to his employer to set the facts straight. No one should benefit at the expense of my reputation.

Thanks guys.

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