Kind of self explanatory.

Had a few posts on here, explained my situation, full time single dad.

All my time is pretty much eaten up, rarely get a free day.

I'm proud of my situation but to be honest I'm rather frustrated, really looking to make something happen.

In the evening I'm just in the house taking care of the kids and prepping for the next day.

I've been on the OLD sites, but to be fair, other than a few photos, most of my "social proof" is me and the kids. which I leave out, so it doesn't get very far.

The right answer is to stop thinking about it really, and perhaps coming on the this forum too often doesn't help (I've thought about putting it on the back burner)

Any advice? Anybody been in a situation where they really struggle to "get out there"?

The only thing I can think of is trying to really step up the OLD or social media game.