Hello All! For the following hypothetical, what is the appropriate response?

Your wife occasionally works with a male who is well respected in their world, and whenever she does work with him she comes home and mentions/compliments him multiple times throughout the evening. Not necessarily complementing things beyond his professional performance and capabilities, but bringing it up with a frequency that is uncomfortable to you and it kicks in that some appropriate reaction is necessary. This happens every time she works with this man, lets say once every week or two.

My quandary is that on one hand, you don't want to respond in a Beta way by encouraging the behavior and complimenting this man. On the other hand, if you indicate jealousy by telling her "enough about Mr XXX" or something like that, you are exposing insecurity.

So far my chosen answer/response has been to nod the head a bit, showing that I hear her, but not responding in any positive or negative way, then moving on. Basically responding as if she were telling you about how she switched to a new yogurt that uses free range goats or something else unremarkable.

After a half a dozen identical times with no change, I'm wondering if there is a better response. I assume the intended result is to show her that you are not threatened, but also to not be disrespectful by excessively praising another man.

The wisdom of the experts is sought. Thank you!!!