How would you respond in this situation?

September 5, 2018

My 28 yr old gf of 5 years has been back in her home country the past month. She came back last week and we were supposed to spend 3 days together at my place, but after a day she bailed on me to go back to hers. I expect her reasoning is bc we had a talk about marriage on 2nd day and I basically said chance of us marrying nil - although have said this to her a number of times in past.

We agreed to meet up the day after, but imo her bailing on me was disrespect so I totally flaked on the meet - said I was gonna be 1hr late & then didn't even turn up in the end. She called me to ask wtf going on, and I just gave off disinterested, cold vibe. Its been a week now and she hasnt even messaged me to ask why I bailed on her / was being cold. I have gone no contact on her too.

So I was basically right wasn't I - she bailed on me, so right thing to do was to bail back on her even harder?

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Title How would you respond in this situation?
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