Hi Everyone! I consider myself a well traveled and educated person who was born in Eastern Europe (Budapest/Hungary). This year seems definitely tough for me. However, I discovered and internalized the redpill philosophy long ago, during my mid-20s.

I already have some conclusions regarding possible answers to my questions above, meanwhile, I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions from your side.

Around 10 years ago, I encountered with a young and super attractive ukrainian girl. Really beautiful face, modelesque qualities. She came from an ultra-conservative christian family, and as a big surprise, was proven to be a virgin at age 22 when we first slept together. From that time onward, we had a lot of fun. Later, I decided to wife her up, as a way to get this girl out of her crazy & oppressive family.

I never tried to impress this girl with money or compliment her looks. I tried to impress her with my traits and built attraction with game and demonstrating high value towards her.

8+ years of marriage followed with LOT of passion. We traveled a lot. We had many activities and hobbies together. To be honest, I also ran some 'experiments' on this chick.

I would not be surprised if any of these stuff actually contributed to her recent infidelity:

  1. She wanted to become an IG model, so we studied together how she could achieve a very thin and lean body shape. While she reached her goals, I kept myself in a good shape, too.

  2. Although this girl came from a tradcon christian family, she got more and more interested in trying out and experiencing all the kinds of sexual pleasures. I was also interested in advancing what I already knew about pleasing women. As a result, she slowly turned from a shy girl into a total freak in bed.

  3. Together with her, I learned to take amazing photos from attractive women. After some practice I developed a skill to find the right angles, background and lighting conditions, as well as some non-invasive airbrushing to get awesome results. She published these pics on her IG to harvest excessive male attention from around 20k followers.

  4. In 2019, we left Hungary together and moved to Málaga, Spain. As covid arrived next year, we were struggling with job loss and we have found ourselves financially broke.

While things started to slowly recover for me in this year, I had to deal with an unemployed and increasingly emotionally unstable wife when I was at home. She was still sexually attracted to me, she seemed to be increasingly frustrated as she was unable to afford her previous way of life.

Finally, in April 2021, she suddenly managed to secretly persuade one of her former online course students, a 38 y.o. guy from Canada to move to Spain. He promised her that he is coming to start a new business there, and he immediately offered 50% equity in it to my wife (in exchange of her 'deep knowledge'). This man was proven to be a totally clueless dude, as she bought countless presents to impress, including a brand new iPhone for her recent 32th birthday.

In late May, my wife has started to spend more and more time together with this guy, exclusively during daytime. There was a week when they managed to meet every day. Once I came back home earlier than planned to the house where we lived, I found them together poolside. I immediately called her out on this, she tried to get away with the commonplace 'we are just friends' excuse. One day later, she admitted cheating, but she refused to cut her emerging relationship with this new guy. Suddenly I realized that she does'nt care anymore about our marriage.

A day later, I said to her that I cannot continue our relationship, we are going to separate and fill a divorce. The latter is going to be relatively straightforward as we had no kids but have a post-nuptial agreement on division of assets. It seems that we are capable to split everything in a peaceful manner.

My wife now is 32 years old, and thanks to her refined eating habits and workout routine, she still looks stunning (height 5'7" weight 115 lbs, firm ass, flowing hair, flat stomach).

Now she lives in Spain with her new boyfriend, I went back to my country of birth. I am going to restart my life here, live according to the abundance mentality, and let her do what she wants 3000 kms away from my place. Sometimes she is still sending some hot pics to me, and thinking about 'boosting' her looks with some expensive facial treatments, augmenting her lips, going from B cup to C cup, or just getting a piercing into her increasingly toned stomach (I think she plans to use the new guy's checking account for all of these.. ).

As you can see, even taking a former virgin from an ultraconservative christian family as your wife is not a guarantee for fidelity.

Where have I f***ed up everything? (besides knowing that getting married is NEVER the best idea in the 21st century)