I came across as pushy + rude?

October 4, 2019

I was at my first job picking up my check, I’d just gotten off of my 2nd job the end of a seven hour shift - both retail positions. I came in and there was a line, so I went to talk to some other people. When I was coming back one of my co-workers asked me to put something in a return cart for her like five feet away. I told her no that I was clocked off and she didn’t have any customers, she said that it was only five feet, I told her no and she called me a dick. I shrugged and cashed my check.

The girl who cashed my check teased me by telling me I wasn’t allowed to cash my check there, so I went with the joke. She said she didn’t like my hair down, then mentioned it was that I was weird and I wasn’t being myself. She said wasn’t the hair but it was my bad attitude, I pressed her on it and she said that I was coming across pushy and rude. How does one come across pushy and rude? Should I correct this behavior? If so, how?

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Title I came across as pushy + rude?
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