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I dislike high SMV people

August 17, 2016

I realise this every so often but it's been very apparent to me today; I'm only happy and confident talking to low SMV people. Older women, uglier women, more reserved people in general. I honestly think its more of a correlation than simply being as binary as i've stated as i can obviously get on great with normal people who happen to have a high SMV.

Depression has been hitting me hard today to the point where i cancelled a trip to go out of town to see friends and go out today and tomorrow. There's a couple other reasons (logistics/money/time) but this was the main reason.

I'm 26 now and work in retail while i retrain my career. I just had interactions with 3 different higher SMV people who simply disliked me from first glance, regardless of my behaviour. Because of interactions like this, I just instinctively don't like them. I know they already hate me so fuck them. And this spoils my attitude for other higher SMV people. One HB8 clearly wanted me to engage with her but i just had zero interest in doing so and just completely ignored her.

Then some older woman came in and we chatted for about 10 minutes about anything and everything. I was witty, funny, charming etc. This happened 3 more times with a total stoner dude, another older woman and an older dude. They have no judgement, whereas the higher SMV people is such a hill to climb just to have them even consider me a person. I don't bother with people like that. Again it's not all higher SMV people but a lot. After these positive interactions my depression has subsided for now.

A girl gave me her number a month ago while i was in a bar. She said i was "so hot" and text me from her phone; she was probably a HB7. This has probably happened once or twice before but i always fuck it up, mostly due to apathy (I've only ever fucked escorts). I never text her and the next day she added me on facebook. I just didn't want anything to do with her. But the same night I heavily pursued a HB4.5 who was way more my type even though she didn't seem interested at all. My former oneitis was a HB5.

My redpill ambitions other than sorting my health and career out, is to meet women who peak at HB6. I've never had a fantasy about 9's or anything, i hate the idea of even talking to them. The higher SMV people in my social group and I seem to mutually ignore each other; we never cross paths. I recently asked a favour from a high SMV friend from this group and he had no problem leading me on for months on end.

So the question is, why do these people have no respect for me? Is it truly down to the fact that i'm not as attractive as them? Or are there other factors at play that i'm simply not aware of?

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