Here i am again fellas about my last relationship which i in fact ended. My last relationship was a mistake in all honesty, which started of by a casual speaking/seeing phase whilst spinning more plates and yes i caught feelings.

This girl wasn’t toxic or anything which is what has made the situation worse because i’ve dealt with toxic girls before and it was somewhat easier. Now after ending things i’ve been content, not depressed but just feeling like there is a void missing. I am on my purpose, got my own place and heading in the right direction but it’s jusy not doing enough for me personally?

I feel like a shadow of the person i was prior to being with this girl, i was spinning multiple plates and fucking girls every week and i’ve only fucked 2 girls since breaking up with her and it doesn’t feel the same at all. She isn’t special at all because no girl is but i seem to have this unhealthy obsession with her and it’s corrupting my head.

i never caught feelings, ever prior to this and it was a solid rule of mine to never get attached and it worked until now. I haven’t tried contacting her or any of that needy cringe crap but i seem to just think about her a lot more than i should. I’m working, working out, socialising and partying but it’s not enough.

Any advice bros?