Fun times.

So girl I was considering for an LTR. Been hanging out she replies instantly to my texts. Never turned down a chance to hang out and does what I want and hasn't really caused me any problems.

So we never discussed LTR or exclusiveness. I go in and she says we need to talk. I am expecting the whole, "Where is this going."

We sat down and she said, paraphrasing:

"I think we should take a break from seeing each other for a while."

Perhaps a bit in shock I just said, "Ok" stood up and started leaving as I get to the front door she is crying in her living room. I can hear her.

In my car driving home thinking wtf. My phone is blowing up. Ignored it until I was home to safely use my phone. ~15m drive.


I knew you weren't taking this seriously

I just wanted to end this before I got hurt. I really like you xx

Come back I want to talk xx

Followed by 3 missed calls.

Wtf is this shit and why has my potential LTR went fucking mental? Was I too distant? Too alpha failing comfort tests?

I am not entirely put off of an LTR. How do you even resolve this as a conversation? Why are you randomly ending our contact as a test?

Thoughts welcome.