I tried to save a hoe. Her response doesnt make any sense

February 18, 2019

before all the "dont save her, she doesnt want to be saved" posts, let me preface this by saying, i DONT save hoes, but saving her would "cost" me very little here so why not. So plate I've known 6 months now. Didnt see her for 3 months bc she moved away. Just moved back. We meet up bc she said missing me (i.e. she miss alpha tingles). Over course of evening she mentions some stuff abt her life :

- no money (apart from rent can only afford to spend $10 a day)

- in college & having to spend all free time at job

- no friends (she is a party girl, her college is very much a nerdfest)

- shit experiences with guys (creepy, clingy, insecure, etc)

I know girls exaggerate their problems, but her life is legitimately shitty. Me & her get along really well, see alot of myself in her, and she has made it clear my value is leagues ahead of other guys in her life. So some time after, I msg her and say why dont we date + bc I make a shitload will even help her out moneywise. She says she really likes me but some bs about how her life is too disorganized right now for a bf, and if I can wait for her. I'm just like "yh whatever".

We agree to meet up weekend after, but she cancels on the day like a few hours before. i smell BS. She msgs couple days after, says having problems with her landlord sexually harassing her + needs to move. I offer help her look for a new place, but she actually becomes much less responsive after that. What I find confusing about all of this is a normal girl would jump at my offer to save her, try drain my wallet and then go and fuck a Chad behind my back, but this girl doesnt seem to even care. Wondering if someone can help decode this with a TRP lens?

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