All this stuff about shit tests, A&A, frame etc. got me in a "Die Hard" mindset for about a year. I had a few lays and got experience to see how TRP was true but I threw away all belief that my prior-to-TRP game had any value.

If anything TRP has put words and models based on my past behavior (before I knew it was game). What I thought of as alpha was action hero Vin Diesel or something when a socially fun and attractive guy who knows himself can be alpha too.

Frame before I associated frame with TRP was what I calmly accepted as the truth (e.g. let shit go if I knew what was really up)

I tried way too hard. This is what they call over gaming.

So pros:

  • Have increased my work ethic 10x

  • Have hardened my IDGAF mentallity

  • Way healthier

  • Understand the importance of not showing your soft side to anyone except some kids and small puppies

  • I have seen how much of a baby the majority are getting their asses hurt over trivial shit

  • Fully internalized women do not play for our team ever


  • I was ignoring my own understanding of game because I was not satisfied and did not trust my own so to speak.

  • over gaming is like punching yourself in the dick. women do not fuck you and you give yourself blue balls

Maybe it's a neurotic RPer issue. Or maybe this is all a part of the pill digesting process? What tips can help future members not go full fucking gung ho like I did? I'm sure there are other members struggling to realize they're trying too hard and that's what's killing their game the most.

TRP is a model; not a defacto way of behaving.


Added another bullet point