How long has it been since you got laid?

Seriously, every time I see posts about "so, I have this friend, and I kind of like her, how do I get her to like me?" and then see a lot of great advice in response, all to be met with "but I just feel so good around her" or "but I really do like doing all that romantic stuff for her!" I just can't help but roll my eyes in disbelief.

The PUAs knew this fact for years: go fuck ten other women!

Ask yourself this: think back to the last time another woman actually, directly flirted with you, or asked if you're single, or reached out to touch your arm unprompted, or obviously tried to find excuses to be near you or spend time with you. If you can't remember this happening in a long time, or ever, then you're just fooling yourself, and deep down you know it.

You're deluding yourself in to thinking you like all this romantic shit. You've been conditioning yourself since childhood to think you want this shit. Your hormones will play stupid tricks on you. They'll convince you that she's "so smart" or "so nice". You'll start interpreting every polite smile and every gracious response as, just maybe, a sign that you have a chance with her!

Stop it!

Stop being a time ho!

So, from now on, whenever I hear a question about "this one girl", I'm going to ask you:

Jesus, bro... How long has it been since you got laid?!