Im 220, 6 4, ive gained 30 pounds but next to no muscle

January 12, 2020

This almost undoubtedly due to my protein intake. I probably get around 210 220 g, and i need 100 more. The thing is after months of eating regimented, its still not any easier. There have been quite a few days i fell of hard. But all in all ive gained on the scale. Ive gotten stronger too, but my muscles look more or less the same. Im bigger forsure but its most likely just fat on top of my muscle.

I actually hate eating now because im eating less than every 2 hours. And i get hungry, but never have an apetite. There are many times I just chew and swallow the chicken of the eggs in the am.

Anyone here my size and eating nearly 4k calories a day? If so, any tips? And if you could break down your daily macros by meal that be lit.

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Title Im 220, 6 4, ive gained 30 pounds but next to no muscle
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