So I met this chick and been trying to link up but something always seems to get in the way.

Date 1. We set up a time and date she calls 30 minutes before our date saying she’s stuck babysitting some 10 year but if I want too we can still hang out. I decline and tel her another time.

Date 2: we set up a time and date, and I ask for her address to pick her up but she never gives me a address after calling me and telling me she’ll be ready soon. She either makes up this crazy story how her friend says her husband was beating her up yadda yadda but she shows up no bruises no nothing. She says her friend knew she was going on a date and cock blocked her. I’m not upset cause I was hanging with my friends the whole night anyway and was gonna break off to meet up with her, so I wasn’t upset.

Date 3. Now I make it very very clear I wanna hang out with her and we ARE hanging out. We talk that afternoon and I call her a hour before the date to confirm. She doesn’t answer and I never get a call from her. She is claiming from what she text me that I never called her and she was waiting on my call.

Honestly I think the last 2 stories are bullshit and gonna just end up ghosting her, cause I think she’s just making excuses at this point. She calls 3/4 times a day, and I don’t answer majority of the time cause I don’t care to talk or just busy really. I think if she wanted to hang out last night she woulda called me too.