ive written about this in my post history you can take a look if you want but basically in school my mate declan gets way more fit chicks than I do (most of the girls who like me arent fit so im not counting them) and the only advice Ive gotten is to "study more" (which is pointless bc im going to be a rapper anyway SELECTA) and also people tell me to "just be nice/funny/interesting" which is shit advice really because declan isnt funny or interesting he just shouts "suck my bollocks" and gets up on the chairs at school (a joke i invented btw) and girls think that's funny and they fall for him. he isnt even fit and im an inch taller, also after footie practice i saw his todger and it wasnt big, mine is bigger. my sense of humor is more like im an absolute fucking madman and i think that's pretty attractive but my mate callum and i dont hang out around many chicks because all the want to do is talk about boring shit like makeup and fashion . also callums big brother kevin has a car so sometimes we shout things out at fit women from the car but usually they are more like my mums age. they look at us like we are well nutters tho it's bloody mental. my mate callum and i are probably more fit than declan and like i said there are some chicks that fancy us but they're not fit and i dont want them.