I've been married 3 years, 35 years old, medically retired from the Army. Wife does nothing all day, watches TV, and gets pissed off if I do anything but spend my time paying attention to her. She's fat, gets pissed when I don't want to have sex, and basically forces me to use Viagra when I tell her I have ED, when it's really I don't feel any attraction whatsoever.

I've been reading TheRedPill for about 6 months, but it just makes her complain louder. Shes starting fights all the time now.

I asked her today a hypothetical. What would she do if I was gay? She snorted and said I'd better pay her way more than child support every month when we divorce.

I feel like I have no connection at all with her, and I just want to avoid divorce rape, but honestly I don't even care at this point if she did take everything. I kind of want a clean slate.

So what do you guys think? Tell her I'm gay?