Warning: garbage novel ahead, gonna give it a try anyway.

Last Saturday I woke the gf up, pulled panties down and fuked her from behind with her lying down. She gets impatient and tells me she doesn't want to have sex for so long, it was around 20 mins in. I stop, she sees I don't like what happened, gets on top of me and rides me, her excuse "I like looking at you", she seems to enjoy it better, I cum, ok.

Later that night, we have dinner, have a great time. Go back, I'm "feeling it", great food great drinks great fuck awesome right? I start taking her clothes off she says 'do you really want to have sex I'm so full'. I ignore and proceed to fuck her anyway. Like I said I was feeling it, so I take my time, I switch to another position, she is not very into it, I try my best to make it good for her, eventually she says 'could you just cum already?'

It was a humiliating thing to hear, didn't even know what to say, just took my dick out and went to the computer, no words spoken. Sunday almost no communication, she left Monday morning.

I didn't talk to her the whole week. I felt so humiliated. I have my dick in her and she's annoyed? I want a girl to be convulsing with pleasure with my dick inside her, it felt like such a blow to my ego.

She comes over Friday, doesn't say anything about what happened, tries to get my affection. I'm still processing what happened so I am distant but not completely cold, still go with her to have some food. She breaks down crying in the middle of the night, says she thinks we are done, that I don't like her, that I barely touched her. I don't know what to do so I just hold her for a bit and go back to sleep.

Next day she's feeling better because I demonstrated some affection I guess. I'm trying not to cause drama because I'm still processing, so I still go out with her and pretend things are ok, but I am way more serious and less affectionate than usual.

We go out to have dinner and drinks. We get back, she says she wants to fuck, I tell her I don't really want to which seems to surprise her. I feel a break down coming and we also have a covert agreement never to actually deny sex to each other, so I tell her if she insists we can have sex.

Then we have sex and she's cuming buckets, it's ridiculous. She literally rides me for an hour.

So let me get this straight, it's the exact same situation as last week, but instead of telling me to cum already she's the one riding me for one hour? Maybe it was because she was sex deprived while last week I was fucking her whenever I wanted.

I still look back to last weekend and feel humiliated. This post probably reflects how confused I am. Should I just let it go and work on the next situation? I can't get it out of my head though.

Maybe I should have addressed what she said on the spot? I do have a tendency to hold a grudge instead of just spilling the beans right away.

What do you think I should do? I know my post is a fucking novel so far but if anyone was willing to read this garbage I would appreciate some advice.