Is it just me or TRP is like a perfectly detailed cheat-sheet for GTA but for IRL?!

May 24, 2019

Hi guys,

I'm far from being the "best" at what it is to be a man and flirting around but am definitely on my way to improve...

Since I found out TRP (and Psychedelics), my life COMPLETELY changed; I went from being a loser who didn't know what he wanted to being a determined and focused man knowing exactly what he wants and now there's nobody or anything who can stop me, not even the prettiest and most caring of women (which is EXACTLY what you want, but shouldn't focus on; you get me?)

This is just a random post, with no meaning, trying to motivate you folks of TRP that are "hopeless"... If you dedicate enough of your time, patience and finally start accepting instead of being in denial; this sub will bring you fortune with women and in your personal relationships

Thanks for all the guys who helped or are still helping here, even with all the stupidest questions it is always nice to see guys who keep their calm and keep repeating the same answers again and again in acceptance of people who are looking for a better future !

Thanks to all of you...

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Title Is it just me or TRP is like a perfectly detailed cheat-sheet for GTA but for IRL?!
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