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Is small community living the bane of hypergamy?

September 16, 2014

I was recently chatting with a new employer who came back from a long stint in a massive city to his small town to settle down. He said there was no real marriage material there and we both agreed small towns have a certain "pressure and responsibility to community to be a good man." The city was of western influence but we both live in small East Euro communities now.

Does this effect hold true for women? Does the watchful eye of a small community provide a structural benefit in terms of producing wife material? Is this effect diminished in places that prioritize individual freedoms like America? Stories from people who dated in both small and highly populous areas and their analysis of both would be great here.

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Title Is small community living the bane of hypergamy?
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Small towns don't tend to have nightclubs, you get a pub or two if you're lucky. No opportunity to cover herself in makeup and slut it up.

Small towns tend to be very connected. 'Everybody knows everybody'. Which also means everybody knows who the village bike is. No woman wants that title.

Less influence from modern media, so women haven't had the feminist dream shoved down their throat.

She's also more likely to have a father figure around than the city girl (I'm generalising, shoot me), which means she should have good behaviour traits drilled in to her.

She's also more likely to have good female role models around, creating a reinforcement loop.

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Also, girls won't slut it up if there are social consequences. That's why it's easier to hook up with a girl on vacation than it is when shes at a bar with her friends.

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Well hypergamy rely's on the amount of availeble men. In a small town that number is quite limited and with the small social circles reputation safeguarding is extremely important. Compare that with a metropolitan city where any girl can fuck 50 guys without any of her social circle ever finding out.

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