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Is there any good sex book you guys recommend, or RP post with great material?

January 6, 2015

I am a gym rat med student who has barely the time to masturbate.

I even stopped doing it as it's a testosterone killer and we all know and love our high T.

Ever since I've broken up with my ex I haven't found it hard to get a few plates, but the sex doesn't satisfy me: I want to get better.

What do you suggest I read (and therefore practice)? Please avoid The Sex God Method, I know it already (nice, nothing too enlightening). Some canned shit would also be appreciated given that we're no newbies and can put some personality in our canned tasks. What specific actions do you like to do in bed?

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Title Is there any good sex book you guys recommend, or RP post with great material?
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You should look up a set of instructional videos "hosted" by Nina Hartley. Can't think of exact names of the videos, but you're a google search away.

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Women love when you take complete control while in bed, so if for some reason (you didn't give us enough details here) you are holding back, work on that and fuck each chick like it's your last day on earth.

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I like becoming the animal I am.

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The Sex God Method is in the sidebar. Go look at that.

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