Hi, fellas. I (23M) have severe isolation issues since the beginning of Covid and I don't know how to handle it. I did all I can. I went into Monk Mode multiple times. At first I was very successful. My SMV skyrocketed at that time but then I saw that there is no any meaning in it (because whole city was isolated and all places were closed). After that I gradually left Monk Mode because I didn't have any incentive for that.

Unfortunately, I don't have a huge social circle and after the covid, connection with them faded, too. When it comes to family members, they are the perfect example of crabs in bucket mentality. They always make me go down and I feel the most isolated when I am with them.

I am not here to bitch and mourn about my own problems. I want to take responsibility and to solve this problem completely. Right now, covid is about to end and I try to go out and make my introverted ass become social. Now, my questions are

What kind of books can you recommend me about social interactions? (Apart from Dale Carnegie)

What kind of success stories do you guys have when it comes to building a social circle? (I really need this one)

Thanks in advance.