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I've become really stupid

November 24, 2016

I've been stuck working at the family business for the last 5 years due to family problems and basically my life has been on hold.

Finally getting a chance to move on with my life now and have been applying for a lot of different jobs recently. This week i've completed 4 online aptitude tests for employers. Things like numerical/verbal reasoning, maths, patterns, things like that.

I haven't really used my brain that much except for what's been necessary in my various forms of work and hobbies in the last few years. And I totally fucked up every single one of these tests. I spent about 30 mins on an example question today before the actual ones started because i couldn't understand the answer. I kept wanting to just give up. I eventually managed to understand it and then went into the test. Got half way or so before the timer ran out. Did 3 more exams where i usually got about half way or less before the timer ran out.

I already got a rejection from the first test saying i wasn't good enough. Waiting on the next 3 now but i'm not particularly proud of my performance or expecting anything and losing opportunities left and right.

I'd really like to figure out a way to become academically sharp again. I should have been able to smash this easy shit but i'm so out of practice my mind just couldn't deal with the weight of it.

I've also been attempting to read a theory textbook on a field i was trying to get into a few months ago before a job interview, but i just couldn't take in anything i was reading or retain the information on the page. My concentration/focus is missing.

Any ideas? All i can think of really is doing some more more aptitude tests for fun.

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