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Just turned 30. Lost with women

April 21, 2018

Sorting out some erection issues I have but my social confidence and self worth has never been lower. I can talk to people but just don’t really care anymore. My charisma is dead. Life is pointless.

Saw escorts a few times when I was 25, when I first found TRP and lost my virginity but have had nothing since then. My life’s a lot better except for with women. My last positive experience with a woman was my pre trp oneitis. Now I get happy if a woman’s bag brushes me on the bus.

Don’t know what the fuck I’m doing wrong any more. Most women try to stay 20 ft away from me. My friends do great with beta game whereas I fail with confidence and polarisation. Beta game backfires with me. I don’t think my looks allow it.

The only way out I can see is to find success through escorts. Going to commit to seeing an escort again every 2 weeks as I can afford it somewhat now. I’m grateful to have the option.

Are women’s standards too high these days or am I just fucking retarded? How do people even meet women now?

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