Kinda aimless at the moment

October 28, 2019

Hey yall.

I just wanna cut to the chase. I'm definitely above average: looks are no problem at all; im 6 plus, jacked, really nice hair, jawline with high cheekbones. At this point, I don't give a fuck at all about women. Zero interest. I graduated college debt free and managed to get an average job, worth 17k roughly atm.

So my last point combined with the fact that I'm 24 still living at home is why I'm making this post. I'm becoming super complacent and really dissatisfied with my life. I've been suffering from health issues that drop my energy levels too. I'm not doing shit that I really wanna do and basically just eat work lift and smoke all day. Get high about 5 times a day. I've also been running side hustle flipping vintage product ranging from clothes, to tcgs etc. Had an opportunity to work for this baller making alot of Money but I let it fall they because I'd make excuses as to why it wouldnt work with me.

People ask me everyday, what's your next move and I can't answer them. I may know what I what, but if I did why wouldn't I ever go for it? I'm honestly lost and dont have a gameplan. I still have some mental barriers that stop me from pursuing a life worthy living for me. Any advice?

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