Kissing other girls while in LTR

May 16, 2018

Hi Redpillers,

I am 35yo and have been in a relationship with a 28yo girl for 4 years, we live together.

Anytime I have a chance to do something with another girl, I will take it.

- Go to club with friend, kiss a hot girl, done a few times.

- Have an affaire with a sport teammate, done .

- Sleeping with an ex, done.

And after I just go home like if nothing had ever happened, she has no idea. We are happy together. It's like... if I had a dark side that she is oblivious about.

Does it happen to you too? Am I fucked up? Most of my friends are what you describe BluePills and can't even apprehend the concept of cheating. I feel different.


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Title Kissing other girls while in LTR
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