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Lifting, getting weaker, no gains

October 20, 2015

Ok so I know this thread is going to get some shit (which it deserves) but i've just read so much conflicting information about different routines and eating and bulking and all that shit that I no longer have any idea what's correct any more.

I would appreciate some basic advice on just telling me what to stick to and what i'm doing wrong.

Basically i've been sporadically lifting for the last few months. A month and a half ago i found TRP and have started lifting more regularly.

Now i've started stronglifts a few weeks ago, as the routine before that was just some random home made shit. I'm losing fat slowly but i'm also getting weaker, and making no gains. I have a protein shake after every session. I also do 30 mins of HIIT running every few days because my endurance is pathetic.

What are the obvious things i'm missing here?

I don't eat shit anymore, perhaps i'm just not eating enough.

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