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Looking for advice: When a woman surprises you with an approach.

April 19, 2017

I was having a quick bite to eat at a bar before meeting some guys I know. I had just come from the gym, was just wearing workout shorts and shirt. Definitely not dressed to impress in any way. I wasn't paying attention to any women, had my mind on other things.

When I was getting ready to leave, this woman walks up behind me and starts poking this spot of my shirt. It's one of those workout shirts with a dark material patch in the arm pit - allows breathing, it's darker so you don't see pit sweat, etc. She just pokes and rubs me in that spot. Surprises the shit out of me.

Then she's talking a bit - "Oh, that's a different type of material, I was wondering what that was!" After that it was a brief interaction, I just said "yeah, it's a comfortable workout shirt. I lifted before I came here for a quick bite and then I'm meeting some friends at a house nearby". She says "that's cool, I'm on my way out too, but maybe I'll see you here again sometime." Then it ended with "okay, have a good night's" type stuff, and we both walked out and went separate ways.

So here's the question - not being in a mindset ready to flirt, my mind went blank as to anything better to say. In this situation, what would you guys have said. I was replaying it in my mind and trying to think of something semi-flirty/sexual to work in there.

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