Lost my job 4 months ago. Thought I had recent one in the bag, didn't get it. Still unemployed. How do you rise from the ashes?

March 5, 2017

Hey TRP,

I'll try to get into as much detail as possible without doxing myself.

I graduated with a technical post-graduate degree almost 3 years ago. Half a year later, I was presented with an opportunity (by a contact) to work in an unrelated field for the University. Not an official job opening, they simply needed someone to be hired as a Temp since the director of this new department had moved on to another University for better pay. Surprisingly, I actually liked what I was doing and so my temp contract was continuously extended (also because I'm sure they needed me at the time). Fast forward almost 2 years and I saw the addition of 3 new team members including the new director (my boss). Long story short, the journey came to an end back in November as the University was not a fan of the constant temp extensions and pressured the department to create an actual job posting for my position and to do things properly.

Well, I applied for my own job after it was posted, after having been out of it for a few months. I interviewed for it last month and it went great. Not only by my own standards, but the interviewers, including my former boss, were impressed. In my mind, I had it in the bag because the requirements were so goddamn specific to what I was doing, they would be hardpressed to find someone with those exact qualifications (very specific job). I'm sure you can guess what happens next: I didn't get the job. Well played motherfuckers, well played.

Here's my problem: I put all my eggs in one basket. I'm no stranger to TRP and its principles. In romantic relationships and with friends, I've handled situations with grace and have always been able to maintain frame. Those situations are a walk in the park for me by comparison to this. I'm having so much trouble translating TRP principles into the corporate world. My technical degrees are useless at this point, I haven't done anything with them and they're just for show now. No recent experience. Job postings related to what I did don't come around often and even at that, they require a little more experience then the < 2 years I acquired.

Now I'm down, out, lacking confidence or abundance mentality, and really don't know what to do. I don't even know where to fucking start, because every job posting I see I just think "well, I don't have the qualifications, I won't get this". I'm just floating aimlessly now and lost. How can I rise from the ashes? What is the best course of action to not feeling like a piece of shit, but most importantly, doing something realistic about it with what I got (qualifications experience and all)?

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Title Lost my job 4 months ago. Thought I had recent one in the bag, didn't get it. Still unemployed. How do you rise from the ashes?
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