LTR Boundary - Lesbian friends?

July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day to you Canadian fucks. And I Hope you Americans are enjoying our Poutine Doughnuts at your local Timmy Hos.

Legitimate question from the perspective of a monogamous LTR:

It's universally accepted as far TRP goes that your girlfriend/wife having new male friends is a nope. That seems to be more for the reason that a straight man is more than likely to end up in a situation with her where AWALT will ensue. Great that makes sense.

Now what is the stance for new female friends, who happen to be Bi/Lesbian? They're probably just like a guy having a gay friend; yea he's your buddy and all, but he's probably waiting for you to slip and praying you'd get drunk enough to allow him to stick his dick in your ass. What is TRP's stance in a situation like this in a closed monogamous LTR?

As always, thanks

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Title LTR Boundary - Lesbian friends?
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