LTR has been a bitch lately. She denied sex a few nights ago and I took off to the gym. When I got back she was upset and said I was acting moody. I told her that if she didn’t want to have sex, I wasn’t interested in sitting around watching Netflix, so I went and got physical at the gym.

Since then she’s been a moody cunt. For example we were at the gym today and I go to grab her water. She grabs it and says “ladies first” (totally out of character for her). Little shit like this.

I ignore it. It doesn’t affect me much. I don’t care.

But I’ve been pretty cold to her lately. I haven’t initiated any affection and she can tell. When we’re in bed together I just browse my phone then roll over and go to sleep. She normally likes to cuddle.

Pretty sure she can sense this but honestly I’m over her attitude lately and want nothing to do with her really until she’s back to normal.

Am I handling this correctly?