Been in an LTR for 2 months. She says she was always the type to get along with men more than women, though she never sees them one on one.

She has a few orbiters that constantly text her, and will occasionally send me a screencap when they get desperate over text.

Now don't get me wrong, I know my worth and place, I know she would never hook up with any of those losers. I don't even suspect her, we have a great relationship, she constantly showers me with love and affection, we have marathon sex and we're basically honeymoon phase.

BUT - I do wonder if this is a red flag. My average reaction is either none or teasingvher for being an attention whore. She'd then respond that it's mostly platonic and she genuinely believes most of them have no sexual intent towards her (until they pull off a beta extravaganza, which at that point she'd mostly back off) - that's when I tell her she's naive as hell (which is generally true about her.


TL;DR : LTR has orbiters, won't stop talking bout them yet won't stop talking TO them. Red flag?