She's started working today, and i literally said it would be better for her to stay home during pandemic and not work at a. Thing is, i don't really care for Covid shit, i just want my free acess to easy fucking and time spending shit. Never believed women should work at all, at least when the job has no real personal/carer outcome or value to her.

She hasn't even started properly and already hates her duties. Also, she only cares about the Money at the end of the month and won't be doing something productive.

Ngl, i feel anger knowing my LTR has chosen to be out there working. I use anabolic steroids (tren) and i literally IMAGINE her cheating on me, despite the fact shes never been really out and it's always around me being clingy and submissive. I'm not really insecure, just a lil bit paranoid and afraid of losing my months of vetting.

Ok, please just tell me your thoughts, tips, any harsh truths or bad actions i took/should have acted.