Hey guys, I've lost frame and put my self in a rut and I'm looking for a little brainstorm here on what my next move should be.

Background: I'm in an LTR for about 9 months now, and I took her virginity.

Recently she's been trying to restrict sex due to this concept in her mind that I'm using her for sex. Yesterday when I was walking her out I said "I don't like it how we didnt have sex". I was genuinely annoyed. She had been over for two days, and we didn't have sex. This is very unusual for us.

Now she's all butthurt and I'm carefully trying to plan my next move. While I'm not with her only for sex, sex is something I want in a relationship and a need for men. Her claiming that I only want her for sex is actually insulting as if the things I do for her go unnoticed. Currently I need to find the right approach to this dilemma because I don't want to negotiate sex, I don't want her to feel its something she is forced to give me, (all these things will place sex in the wrong light) yet at the same time I'm not going to neglect myself to a relationship without sex. I want her to find sex to be a mutual "fun" thing that people in relationships do for intimacy.

Possible solutions: I was thinking about telling her that I will continue to date her but have purely sexual relationships on the side, in order to get my share of sex. -- This both proves I'm not with her for sex but Its something I need. Yet again its a bold move

Hardcore Dread?

A way to increase attraction? -- She does like sex

Much thanks