On my latest journey to find some amusement over at /r/TheBluePill I also found a post encouraging people to build themselves a fake RP-identity to "infiltrate" us.

I must admit that I admire the dedacation to retardedness and the amount of time these people are willing to invest into us. If they would just show this endurance when dealing with their own lifes, instead of battening themselves with triple cheese pizza, ben & jerry's ice cream, soda pops and one apple, god knows how beautiful this world could be.

Anyways. I am not so much worried about the impact on the main sub and I also do not think that it will do too much to this sub either, but I'd give you some general advice nonetheless.

Foremost and most importantly: be very careful about your personal information and don't share it with anyone without exception. This includes members with high points here and ECs like me.

I am not as paranoid (and admittedly also a little bit too comfortable) as others here to have a seperate account for TRP, but on the other hand I don't post very much on the rest of reddit and I am very careful on the internet overall. Even if you knew my full name, all you would be able to get was an empty facebook profile with a picture of me, and I've been on the internet for two decades now. There isn't single reason why anybody would have to know your personal details.

I hope nobody of you is that retarded, but just as a reminder: No women will ever contact you on this sub, because she feels attracted to you.

Secondly trust your guts. If something feels like a troll attempt, it most likely is. Do not feed the trolls and don't start discussing our tenets with them. Why? Because of the same reason that you do not discuss the math behind Einstein's theory of relativity with a five year old. Don't waste your time.

I personally answer some of their OPs or comments nonetheless, if I feel that either newbs can learn something from it, or if their answers to genuine OPs are just blatantly wrong and might be pointing others in the wrong direction.

Thirdly never forget Tits or GTFO!. If a women is coming here and asking for genuine advice, help her. It's next to impossible for her to ask for advice without revealing her gender. However if it is clear, that she didn't bother to make any effort to find an answer for herself (like posting to RPW or reading the sidebar), or she is just here to question our core tenets or to feed her hamster, gently show her the door with a softly whispered: Tits or GTFO, bitch!

Fourthly remember that your time is valuable. When in doubt, don't spend it here, but at the gym or at any place where you can learn something. Winning an argument on the internet or getting any validation here will not get you anything in real life, but stroke your ego a little bit. Develop your stoicism and deliberatly do not answer to comments here questioning your knowledge, sanity, or your persona. Refrain from justifying yourself or rebuking people. It's just not worth it.

With a sip from my can of mountain dew, I reflectively scratch my neckbeard and tip my fedora to you my kind sirs.