December 7, 2018

This might sound like a silly question but where do you guys draw the lines? I mean, with the red pill we are awakened to the truth about women and gender dynamics. No more naivete and childish romanticism (oneitis). That's good and all. But where do we draw the line in terms of our relationship to women? Should we go MGTOW and refuse marriage because we don't want to be Beta bux? I hear some say it's possible to do red pill on marriage but it's like God mode.

Should we date? Some take the approach that all women will inevitably cheat on you or use you in some way so having exclusive relationships is a waste of time. Then again some suggest if you have dread and solid SMW, a girl will respect you. I mean, as far as I am concerned, I don't particularly need a woman in my life. I am pretty happy being on my own so long as I get laid. But wouldn't mind a relationship of some kind if it added something to my life and involved a lady who didn't cheat and respected me...

What do you think of all this and what is your take?

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