Mixing Lifting, Running and Ashtanga Yoga

August 12, 2018

A brief background: M31. Lurker at TRP since 5 months. Dedicated runner (Been running average 25km per week since past 6 years) and Ashtanga Yoga practitioner (1 year Ashtanga and previous 2 years Hatha Yoga).

I have made the decision to start Lift.

My current body: Height: 5 feet 11 inches. Weight: 72kg I have muscles in subtle, hard to hit areas, but I wouldn’t call my body a very muscular body. I am very flexible and have decent core strength. (I can do headstands and hold them for long periods. I can do Maricyasana C and hold it for a couple of minutes etc) I am already pretty lean, but not really muscular. I still got a little of those love handles too.

My target now is getting a muscular body with definition. I don’t want a bulked up body. I want an agile, slim, muscular body. Something like Bruce Lee.

I have been very sceptical about lifting, but the Sidebar has convinced me that it is indeed needed.

My current routine is: atleast six 1.5-2 hour yoga sessions per week. A minimum of 3 running sessions per week.

How do I incorporate Lift into this?

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