In the last year I have been on monk mode and achieved the following (in rough order):

Found TRP

Broken up with live in LTR

Come off anti depressant meds

Found a stable job (career was going nowhere whilst in my last LTR)

Lost 4 stone, fittest I have ever been

Taken up 3 new sports and am killing each one

Achieved 1 professional qualification and working towards another

Got a 15k payrise at work

Used hookups on tinder and the occasional escort for sexual release to avoid dry spells. I figured out I only need sexual release once or twice a month to sustain happiness

Dated lots of girls but not even considered entering a relationship

Got my finances in order

Reconnected with a lot of my old mates

Expanded my social circle

The question is, do I just keep going and see how far I can go at winning at life? Can monk mode be sustained forever?

I literally only date girls who I can be certain are DTF to save time, even if that means they are probably 6s or 7s. I have been used to getting in LTRs with 8s and 9s but I am far happier with just the odd bang with a 7 and no stress whatsoever.

I attribute a lot of my success to red pill principles and wanted to say thank you to people who post here.

I guess I just wanted to let you all know what is possible without the huge distraction of a girlfriend which will drain your A) money B) time C) emotional energy

Most of my mates are in LTRs and engaged/getting married. I feel sorry for them.

Thanks for reading.