Hey all. My current position is that for the past years I was what you would call a beta. And I am not saying I am gigachad or anything now, but I am trying to improve myself. I have lost 55 pounds over the last half year and still going. Have been going to the gym 4 times a week for that time too and getting decent progress. I have started reading books and am trying to get input on how to develop a better mindset. Also, just to clarify, I am not asking about anything related to women here. Women are off the table til I get my own life completely figured out.

So, in the time I still had the "beta" mindset, I applied for an apprenticeship and got it. It's in government, so no hard labour kind of apprenticeship. But I am earning relatively well in it. Problem is that the pay is stagnant, at least for the next 2 year. I completed 1 year, so 2 more to go. I save about 700-800 per month right now, at the least. I have my own apartment and live decently but without a gf or a rotation of women. I focus purely on me. I should also note that I live in Germany, so that sum of money is like equal to 1200$ because of the reduced price of everything here.

So my question is, should I stick with this job for the next 2 years, which gives me lots of saved up money for future investments and a safe "emergency" job for the future or should I take the other route and stop and go to uni (which is almost free here btw, no tuition) and study computer science but live off my parents money for that time and move back in with them? Starting a business is also an option but I have too little skill to do that right now. I am 23 now and I am afraid I will only really start seeing results in my early thirties if I go this route (the way of apprenticeship, saving money, then going to uni and building a business with said money).