My frame weakspot

November 26, 2019

I like to think I have very good frame. Even when I'm furious inside I am definitely skilled at holding frame and thinking clearly.

However, I have one shitty weak spot. One area where I just can't seem to resist getting pulled in and heated.


Whenever there's a political discussion I start out cool headed but quickly become emotionally invested and aggravated by people with opposing views I consider dumb and uninformed.

What is it about this one area that makes me such a child? I don't scream and shout, but I definitely lose my cool and start resenting and disliking people who oppose my views and opinions. People who I usually consider good friends of mine quickly become my enemies and I carry the aggression for at least a couple of hours afterwards. I find it very hard to shrug it off. I admire people who don't get involved in politics because let's face it, an alpha guy isn't someone who concerns himself with the political news cycle.

I have tried asking myself why I am so weak in this area but I can't quite figure it out. I always tell myself to just not talk politics any more, but I cannot resist getting pulled in whenever it comes up because these discussions always seem civil and calm at first but so quickly escalate without warning. Any other topics I am highly tolerant of other people's opinions but when it comes to politics I just have zero tolerance.

Some background: my family is quite politically charged. They all do this same thing so I was around very divisive and aggressive political stances growing up. I also listen to people on YouTube every day talking about current events and politics. It's like a hobby of mine. I probably see politics like most people see sports.

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