Guys, this isn’t a “break up or next her” kind of question, ok? I have my reasons to believe cheating will not happen.

She’s not a terrible person, and she’ll probably eat her desires to cheat. But I KNOW she’s attracted to this guy.

She find him good looking, interesting, adventurous, sociable, likeable, etc. She’s smart enough not to be overt about him, but I’m not dummy and I know she has the hots for him.

Let’s assume she never cheats (if she does, that’s on me), what should I do with this situation? Breaking up with someone that I’m bulding something with because of an attraction she won’t act on seems excessive.

But I also don’t want to be with someone that finds another guy more desireable.

The funny thing is: I don’t love her. I like her, enjoy her company, but I’m not heads over heels nor have onitis. However, I do like the idea of building something with her.

How should I handle this? I want a family and we are even planning to have a kid without marriage, but listening to her say that this guy is a “very interesting person” and then tries to hide her enthusiasm, it’s… annoying.

What would you guys (those normal of course!) do in my situation?