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My life is saved guys.. (Unplugging - How hard does one need to "dip out"?)

November 10, 2018

I feel better. I live better. everything is getting so much better.

Unplugging AFC Rehab beta "romance" cringe shit ahead...

I am in rehab lol. We had a dating procedure here and I tried things with a lady 10 years my senior (36 - im 26) and long story short i completely full fucking AFC'd guys. It was my first foray into dating and I tried to build rapport that just wasn't at the right time... but fuck. we live here. we see each other multiple times a day there is no avoiding. I've already kind of looked the other way when she says hey but shit guys this is hard should i just GHOST entirely? No waving - nothing? I decided to do this because I intended to wish her a happy halloween at our party and it was not well received. lots of IOD's. it's time to go and I am now happy and ready to go -- But how hard do I "go away"?

But thank you so much to everyone here who writes. who posts links. to whoever will probably roast my autist junkie ass.

I lift now. I'm eating like a man. Women actually look at me. I can't wait to go back to school and start life again! I have 18 months clean.

Edit: I got LJBF'ed - typical autist stuff - life story information sessions with complete unpredicted "I love you!"

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