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N-count: best ways to estimate?

November 7, 2016

I'll keep this short:

One of my plates is a 31y.o. Asian girl who's been on the rotation for 7 months. Normally, I wouldn't care about N-count for any of my plates, but this girl has a lot of positive traits: caring, sweet, affectionate, feminine, etc. Apart from her age, there are a lot of 'green flags'. She's well-educated, came to the US around age 18, and hasn't lived in a big city till recently (last 1-2 years). She's the total opposite of every other bitter whore I've plated so far.

How have you estimated the N-count for girls you've plated/LTRed in the past? I know girls lie about N-count, don't count ONS, etc. etc. But I'd like to at least get a ballpark figure - is it 3? 10? 50?

I'm thinking of telling her a story about a friend whose gf said she fucked 30 guys before and then commenting that 30 is nothing to appear non-judgemental. Hopefully that will open her up to be more honest. Thoughts?

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