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Nearly got into a fight

June 21, 2019

Nearly got into a fight tonight. Some guy just walked up and pushed in front of me waiting for an ATM. I was getting in his face but he wouldn’t move but didn’t push in front of anyone else. He was threatening me.

I was thinking what to do but my friend who was with me just said “just leave it” and that totally stole all the thunder from under my sails.

After that he started infringing on my physical boundaries, just massively insulting me and tried to punch me before he left but missed.

Afterwards I had all the realisations of easy ways I could have retaliated that wouldn’t have necessarily included a fight but just ended up frustrated and AMOGED.

My friend wouldn’t have backed me up in this situation. I doubt he would even defend his girlfriend in a similar situation to be honest.

It’s made me consider joining an MMA gym which is something I’ve considered for a long time for other reasons.

Any advice on what I should have done? I lift ftr.

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