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Need a proper explanation of how to escalate sexually without validating a girl/complimenting her

July 25, 2019

I’m understanding the red pill more and more each day. I think I have a good grasp on concepts. I’ve been working on lifting, running, clothing, etc all year and it’s been helping. My issue comes when trying to escalate with a girl I’m with/interested in.

I see guys on social media always complimenting women and I don’t do that or want to look like I’m doing that. I tend I act hesitant solely because I don’t want to validate a girl. Often times me just not validating her makes things work but not often as id like.

I want to properly understand how to escalate without validating a girl.

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If you don’t want to validate women, just don’t give them any attention at all.

I think your problem is, you just don’t want to be vulnerable and are afraid of looking thirsty. It’s probably because you read to much about how women are attention whores and are just seeking attention.

You don’t have to give compliments, but there isn’t anything wrong with giving compliments and frankly it’s easier to make a connection with compliments. Just don’t shower them with compliments, and make sure whatever compliments you make are genuine.

For example:

Bad compliment : “wow you are hot”

Good compliment: “I really like your sense of style.”

Compliments aren’t really about escalating sexually, it’s how you play off that dynamic that escalates things.

So, long story short:

If you are trying to escalate with a girl, you are validating her.

Compliments are great for rapport and should be genuine.

Escalating is how you play off that rapport building.

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