New plate being needy

May 7, 2021

I have a new plate HB8 and she is submissive, feminine, great sex and fun BUT I have only seen her twice and she is already complaining that I'm cold, emotionless and hard. I fuck her good and we have a lot of chemistry but she expects me to message her good morning every day and make her a priority/girlfriend already...

Last night she sent me a wall of text after we tried to make plans to see eachother and when I said I want to smash she started going off on one about "how I only want sex"... To me this was an obvious shit test to which I replied with "Not just sex, I like you to cook for me too" and laughed it off. I also told her I have plenty of women i can just call if I want just sex...

She told me to feel free to do that and that she is looking for something more "substantial". I didn't reply and have soft nexted her because she didn't respond to my attempt to try and arrange a meet up and I'm not going to chase, play games.

Meanwhile I have arranged to meet another plate tonight which I haven't messaged for a month and is DTF with no hassle HB7.5. (I have a rotation of 5)

Just curious to see how you guys handle when new potential plates are acting so needy and demanding commitment or any other way I could have handled the situation? For me its a total turn off, she is bringing unnecessary drama.

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