23, have apartment, 1500/mo so I get a roommate, signs 6mo lease with me. I vet as much as I can - he seems reasonable, cool, not a beta game-all-day-smoke-weed-all-day faggot. Ok, let's see how this goes.

It's been 2 months, he steals my weed (I smoke once or twice a month so it took awhile to notice), steals my food, uses anything of mine he can if he can get away with it, like shampoo, soap etc.

So I started scaling my weed out everyday even if I didn't use it. 2nd day, I notice I'm missing 0.6. I tell him I know he stole it, he denies it adamantly. The way he denied it had me thinking that I might have made a mistake, for about 2 seconds, but I just drilled into his head that I knew he stole it. he denied.

I keep scaling my weed. Now it's always at the same amount - okay, he stopped stealing it. So now I set up a camera in my room, and of course he comes in and uses my deodorant and cologne. AND on the video I see him 1) taking my whole weed bag, 2) weighing it out, 3) using his old stems to make up the weed weight difference. So he's still stealing my weed but now replaces it with stems.

Next, I put an electronic lock on my door with a PIN. A week goes by and all is fine, he can't get in. Then the next week it starts all over again. I confront him, FUCKING PISSED, and he denies it again. Says "Look man, I apologized for stealing your stuff before, I planned on replacing it ASAP. But since then I've learned."

I set up my camera to face my door entrance. Nothing. I set up my camera at a different angle, and boom - there he is, inputting the lock PIN and going into my room, using cologne and deodorant, taking a $5 bill.

I yell at him. I almost beat his fucking face in. He finally confesses that he set up his own camera to find out my door PIN. Fucking lunatic man.

So clearly this guy is a weird, stupid, smart sociopath. Nothing I do stops him from taking my fucking shit. I am ready to beat the living shit out of him honestly, but knowing this faggot he'd probably call the police on me.

So what do I do about my complete asshole sociopath roommate?