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Night out FR; appreciate any advice

February 4, 2017

TLDR: Went out last night for the first time in a long time, did some drugs, hit on about 20 girls in a small club, practiced my game but got nowhere. All girls left at the end with a chad looking type guy, all the betas stayed in the club alone.

Simply wondering what I could have done better.


I moved to a big new capital city after 5 years of involuntarily being stuck at home. Late 20's, been with an escort twice. This was my first proper night out since moving.

Went and met my friend, drank a bit, went to the club. Small club, probably about 60 people capacity. I was the best dressed i've ever been in my life, and probably the slimmest i've ever been. I'm just having a good time, talking to guys mostly. I have great conversations with dudes, im a positive inquisitive friendly funny (my best quality) guy. Genuinely interested in talking to other people.

My friend comes to me and says he acquired a pill so we split it. I don't feel anything for about 40 mins. Still talking to guys and some girls. I'm plenty forward, confident as fuck, perfect eye contact and body language. I hit on a few girls. My game is ok I believe but it's a bit 'soft'. I'm just asking them where they're from, if they like this music, and then making jokes based on what they say, teasing them. Once the pill kicks in I get this crazy energy.

I've had issues with sex drive for the last 2 years due to depression I believe. I don't get horny or desire sex or anything. But once this pill kicked in I was so fucking horny, it was like a bomb. I hadn't felt like this in a long time, it made me really excited. I'm also on nofap, probably about 30 days I believe. So I just fucking go for it. Go up to girls, dance with them, talk to them, make them laugh, get close, strong eye contact and all that shit, touching them. I do this with about 15 girls probably. I'm killing them with jokes, fairly polarising. The girls aren't that hot, some are actually older, late 20's to mid 30's, but i'm fucking horny and I want them.

I get good flow and rapport with these girls but once I start trying to push for anything real, I just get a rejection. I accept it, chill briefly and then move on. Every girl there is slowly finding a guy and hooking up. I was talking to one girl for the 2nd time that night (she was actually probably mid 30s) when she literally just walks away from our interaction to go and hit on a chad who completely ignores her. She's following him like a puppy dog for the rest of the night. From what I could see by the end he simply didn't even want to take her home and she was trying to convince him, he was probably on the last minute lookout for something better.

I hit on some Brazilian girl, all the usual shit, stroking her arm as I talk and shes blushing and laughing and stuff. But then she says something to her friend and her friend tells me shes not interested. I had a little existential crisis moment later on which used to happen when I took drugs in my youth. I thought about how i've never had a girl and I can try and improve all I want but this night is the reality of the situation, i'm doing very well but still getting nowhere, and basically swaying between “keep trying, you'll get there one day” and “just accept reality and accept you'll never get laid without paying for it so stop torturing yourself”. I managed to get over it and move on.

By the end of the night I was talking to this 50 year old woman who was dancing alone. She looked good for 50. She told me some stuff about her life, I talked to her. Made her laugh, danced with her, she said “you have an old soul” type shit because we were getting kinda symbolic about stuff. I felt like tension was heating up a bit and she had been leading me to that place. She said to me “i just want to have fun yknow”. 5 seconds later I got her by the arms and said “lets have some fun” and tried to kiss her but she just rejected me and said “i have a boyfriend”. Whether or not it was true she just wanted the validation I believe. The rest of the night I was just dancing but losing interest and ready to go. The club was now empty of women (except ones with boyfriends) as all had left with the top % of guys. I met up with my friend and we went home after being there for 7 hours.

I've tried to explain it as best as I can remember but I wonder did I do everything I could have done that night? Are certain things just out of my control? Is it really just down to my looks at the end of the day? Or was I too thirsty? Every girl I hit on went home with another guy, and about 2-3 didn't but still rejected me while waiting for their prince charming to arrive. What could I do better? Do I just need to go to a club with uglier people so I have more of a chance?

Only one guy there lifted (a guy I talked to earlier in the night about lifting) and he looked like had a case of fuckarounditis tbh. I have been off lifting for a while but I still have a good build from doing other stuff.

I understand it's my first night out here and not to be too outcome dependent. I'd appreciate any advice.

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